Foro Universitario de Investigación en Comunicación


In 2014 the XV of Foro Universitario de Investigación en Comunicación was held in Universidad de Vigo, this time under the claim: "The new social dialog: organizations, publics and citizens".


For this edition a new identity was requested, as well as the realization of a poster to publicize the event, as well as an event agenda and other graphic pieces.




Client: Universidad de Vigo

Agency: Freshysweet

Design an art direction: miguel anønimo




The concept


This identity is focused on the concept of multidirectional communication characteristic of these events, where the objective is to generate a plural and constructive dialogue, and not simply private conversations, or monologues through talks and exhibitions.




Graphic identity


In order to represent this concept, through lines connecting different vertices the communication process is represente, a round-trip process between sender and receiver that, given within the context of a forum, is symbolized by the union of all vertices of a geometric figure.


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