Una lata en cada etapa


Due the "Año Santo Extraordinario de la Misericordia", ANFACO-CECOPESCA decided to take advantage of the impulse of El Camino de Santiago to promote internationally its products of galician canned seafood and fish.


The objective of this campaign was to position the canned food as a perfect ally to face El Camino.




Client: ANFACO

Agency: Canal Uno

Design and art direction: miguel anønimo




The concept


To face the Camino de Santiago it's necessary a good pair of boots and lots of energy, so that's how this canned-footprint was born, which was used as the central axis of the entire graphic campaign.


This symbol was accompanied with the yellow arrow that lead the pilgrims to Santiago, the end of the trip, and with a summer blue color.




Campaign logo


The hole campaign was signed with the logo of Cata la lata, which have been redesigned to serve as umbrella brand for all the promotional actions of ANFACO-CECOPESCA.




Where did it occur?


The campaign was developed in relevant pilgrim hostels, where ANFACO hanged posters, installed a portable tent, and gave away some merchandising, as canned seafood and fish, a hat and a wristband.


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