Self branding


As a graphic designer, creating my personal brand was very tempting, so I decided to take the opportunity to practice and create a signature for my work as designer and art director.




Design and art direction: miguel anønimo




The name


miguel anønimo has been the name I used for many years in Facebook, to the point that some people thought it was my real name, or called me directly for it. Also, its the name I used for a long time to sign my musical projects, for these reasons it was very reasonable to keep it and also use it for my visual profile.




The concept


As it is a wide brand that represents all my creative projects, not only those made as a designer, it was more convenient to focus on representing the person behind these works, describing me physically and psychologically.




The graphic identity


The graphic identity is born from the representation of these two features. On the one hand, the isotype come from my psychological description as an optimistic (o) and dynamic person (/), combining both in the symbol "ø". On the other hand, my red beard  determines the color of the brand.




The applications


The applications of the brand grow and change according to my needs, starting from business cards for future clientes, a CV for looking for a position in a studio, and a full responsive web where feature my best works.


Thanks for visiting my portfolio. You can also know more about me by entering one of the social media below and discover what I like, which are my references, what inspires me...


© miguel anønimo 2017

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