Brand construction for I AM


I AM is project created by a web developer and me as agraphic designer joining forces to offer powerful digital platforms, both for their design and for their usability.




Client: I AM

Design and art direction: miguel anønimo




The brand concept


As we live in a digitized world, a digital platform is a great way to impress and communicate with future clients, or keep in touch with the actual ones. This is an amazing space to say "this is me" and offer our target a great experience.


This idea is developed in the three branches that verbalize the brand mission and vision.


I AM: this project is composed by a team who will design the best digital platform for your brand, a place where you can talk with your target.


YOU ARE: you are a brand aware of how important is, not only to communicate with your target, but also having something important and valuable to offer to them.


THEY ARE: they are your clients, or future ones. People bored of plain websites looking for a brand with interesting brand content and good design.




Graphic identity


This logo aims to show the mixture between design and usability, looking for the simplest representation of the letters of the naming. This resulted in a brand where less is more, as it is in a digital world dominated by responsive design, where flexibility is the key.


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