This new way of moving will change the planet

Wewheel is a bicycle system that allows you to take advantage of all the energy you generate and wasted while riding a bike. By way of a piezoelectric system installed in the rear wheel of your bicycle a battery is being charged as you move, accumulating electrical energy that, later, you can use to charge your electric devices or to dump to a domestic battery, like those manufactured by Tesla.

This system also has a public variation, being able to be installed in the services of free use bicycles that some cities offer, in this way the effort of the people can be used to light the city at night and to reduce its environmental footprint.     


Design and art direction: Saínza Hervella, Francisco Pires and miguel anønimo

Brand concept

wewheel finds the opportunity to makes its contribution to the world in our daily journeys to go to work, to study, to meet our friends... turning every meter that we move in energy that serves to reduce our environmental footprint. In this way, the sum of all our small daily joruneys translates into a slightly better place to live.

So, this is a dynamic brand, which focus its strength in the the fact that an action, repeated by many people many times, have the power to make a difference.

Graphic identity

On this idea of movement and displacement the graphic identity of this brand is constructed, where the "e" of the logo spin to represent the product and where the daily paths of the people build the graphic system with wich wewheel speaks.

Public bikes and signage

As already mentioned, wewheel also works in the public bicycle services of some cities, so adapting the brand to these supports was essential to reinforce its communication and recognition.

Outdoor campaign

As new product, wewheel needed some outdoor graphic pieces to generate interest in future costumers or users. This campaign focused its message in the importance of building a better and sustainable world together throught action and movement.


This public service was supported with a new app that allowed users to track their contribution to the brand and the city, measured in w/h and lighted lampposts, and also provide information about their daily trips, such as distance and calories.

As the goal of the brand is to keep people moving and contributing energy to the city, the bright of the app will deppend on how much a person use the product.


The brand also designed a wheel that can be installed in every bicycle (you just need to choose the correct size when buying it), so a packaging was needed in order to deliver and protect the product.


A digital platform was also created as a placer where potencial consumers could meet the brand, in its public variation as well as its private one, and buy the product.