Los límites del humor

Currently Spain is immersed in a debate about the limits of humor. Sould there be one? Are there certains topics that you can't humor about? Most humorists and humor theorists agree that there should be none and that context is fundamental to understand the humorous intentions, especially when we talk about black humor, where the line between humor and offense is very thin.

Also, precisely because of that thin line, they emphasize the importance of knowing how to laugh at yourself. In order to make a joke about a person or a collective, you should be able to accept a joke that affects you.

Design and art direction: miguel anønimo
Programming: Alberto González

The concept

This website aims to be very direct and face the visitors with their ability to laugh at ourselves, offering them a lot of jokes about different collectives (of which they can be part) and analyzing their reactions to these jobs. The objective of this data is to make people think about if this limit should exist or not, to face their own limit.