En la mierda. A book about drugs.

"En la mierda" is a book that explores the world of the drugs and its effects through the lives of different characters. The book begins with a brief essay about the relationship between drugs, youth and culture, and continues with 8 chapters in which, through different narratives (short stories, photo-story, photography and polaroids), the relationship of several characters with diverse drugs its shown. This is a relationship that is sometimes destructive, and sometimes it's a journey to the world of the senses and the pleasure.

This is an school project, so all the images belong to their respective authors.


Design and art direction: Alejandro Delgado and miguel anønimo

The concept

This exploration of the different drugs and their effects is not limited to the stories that are told, but can also be seen in photography and composition, with images that invade the text space, that breaks the page, that are repeated compulsively, that are degraded...

The bag

To reinforce the concept, the book was sold in a plastic bag, the same way as drugs such as cocaine or weed, so the book itself became a drug that needs to be consumed.