BOIL magazine

It seems that the spanish music scene it limited to what is heard on the radio, television shows and classic music magazines, but reality is very different. There is a powerful music scene "boiling" through internet which is filling the concert halls and becoming top of the bill in lots of festivals.

That's why BOIL magazine is born, to help boosting the national emerging scene, and to support those artists that today start to sound in everyone's mouth.

Design and art direction: Daniel Ballesta and miguel anønimo


The bands and artists that appear in this magazine many times opt for self-production as a way for make themselves known, and this the spirit that BOIL breathers through its materials and biding. Furthermore, this magazine also reflects its nonconformist spirit against the tradicional musical media in its design, using images that are cut and continue when you turn the page, and a large, heavy and aggressive typeface.   

Following issues

The next numbers of this magazine will keep this idea of discovering the national emerging scene, featuring more groups and artists.